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        Introduction to several types of coupling applications

        Release time:2019-02-21
        Because of the manufacturing and installation errors, the deformation after bearing and the influence of temperature chan..

        Because of the manufacturing and installation errors, the deformation after bearing and the influence of temperature change, the relative position of the two shafts connected by the coupling will change, and the strict alignment cannot be guaranteed. The coupling can be divided into rigid coupling, flexible coupling and coupling according to whether the coupling has elastic parts or not, and whether it has the ability to compensate various relative displacements, that is, whether it can maintain the coupling function under the premise of relative displacements and the use of the coupling. Main types and characteristics of couplings and remarks on their functions in driving system.

        Flexible couplings: flexible couplings of non-elastic components can not only transfer motion and torque, but also have different degrees of axial, radial and angular compensation functions, including toothed couplings, universal couplings, chain couplings, slider couplings, etc. Flexible coupling with elastic element, which can transfer motion and torque; With different degrees of axial, radial, angular compensation function; Also has different degrees of vibration damping, buffering, improve the working function of the transmission system, including a variety of non-metallic elastic elements of flexible coupling and flexible coupling of metal elastic elements, the structure of various elastic coupling is different, the difference is large, the role in the transmission system is not the same.

        Rigid coupling: can only transfer motion and torque, several kinds of failure of drum type gear coupling and its causes, do not have other functions including flange coupling, sleeve coupling, clamshell coupling, etc., the calculation of coupling and two types of role.



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