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        XL  Flexible Jaw Coupling
        XL  Flexible Jaw Coupling

        Product details

        The Curved Jaw Design

        ■Three piece design that is easy to assemble

        ■The curved jaw design incorporates both radial and axial curvature(crowning)to the elastomer(spider)

        ■Hubs are offered in sintered iron,steel,aluminum,cast iron and nodular iron materials

        ■Three different urethane elastomers available

        ■No metal to metal contact and no lubrication required

        ■Fail safe design due to the jaw in compression design(continues to function after the elastomer fails)

        ■The XL series covers a torque range of 34 to 35,000 N.m

        江蘇XL Flexible Jaw Coupling 上海XL Flexible Jaw Coupling 



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